King Solomons Dome Dawson City YT - Source of the Gold in the Klondike

Opening Ceremonies at the 2007 World Goldpanning championships in Dawson City YT


Welcome to the GoldStream Technologies homepage, here you will find everything you need to know to prospect for Gold, Silver, Platinum and even Diamonds.

The Website provides information on the type of equipment required for placer mining, the rules and regulations governing placer mining and the areas available for prospecting.

The website also provides information on the associations that you can join and the many Gold Panning Competitions held each year where you can see and compete against the worlds best panners.

Recreational Gold Prospecting can be taylored to your life style. It can be part of your next fishing, camping or mountain bike holiday. By knowing how to read rock formatons, or the build-up of sandbars along the course of a river your next canoe trip could provide more than a rewarding nature experience.

Our Objectives are:

  1. Our Objectives are:> To promote and encourage Gold Panning and the receational prospecting for gold and other precious metals.

  2. Our Objectives are:> To assemble and distribute information on gold detection, gold recouvery systems and the associated equipment.

  3. Our Objectives are:> To provide educational material on the history and development of the gold mining industry.

Opening Ceremonies World Goldpanning Championship Dawson City 2007

Speed Pan used in International Competitions

Winner Pan

They say gold is where you find it - They also say that you find it where it was found before!

Gold Rush History

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